About IDRS

logo The International Double Reed Society (IDRS) was established in December of 1971 and is a world-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts. The society has over 4,400 members from 56 countries. Within the United States, 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are represented.

IDRS also maintains diplomatic relations with other national double reed organizations from around the world. Currently, the British Double Reed Society, IDRS Deutschland e.v., the Japan Bassoon Society, The Japan Oboe Association, Nederlandstalig Dubbelriet, Finnish Double Reed Society (Suomen Oboe- ja Fagottiseura r.y.), Association française du Hautbois, Gesellschaft der Freunde der WIENER OBOE, Magyar (Hungarian), and French Bassoon Society are all associate members of the International Double Reed Society.