181 Contra reed making

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182 Contra Reeds?

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183 reed finishing

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184 Herzberg Bevel Without Drying?

by Kent Moore

187 Drying soaked cane w/o making reed?

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188 Reed Stabilization

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189 Various Rieger Mandrels

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191 Pliers with a Forming Hole

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192 Rieger shapes explained?

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193 Micrometer

by Docwatt

194 Any one can help me?

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198 Too thin?

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200 Which thread and wire?

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201 Forming process

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202 choping a bassoon cane

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203 Reeds and Tuning?

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204 Forming mandrels

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205 Australian Cane Sellers...

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206 Reeds'n stuff profiler

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208 Fixing split cane?

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209 Bevel and scoring

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