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Norma Hooks Young Artist Archives

2023 (Bassoon)

Winner: Javier Sanz Pascual (Spain)
Second Place: Seoyoung Mun (South Korea)
Third Place: Abigail Lopez (United States)
Alternate: Guilain Desenclos (France)

2022 (Oboe)

Winner: Kara Poling (Usa)
Second Place: Franz Hartmann (Germany)
Third Place: Klara Borgqvist (Sweden)
Alternate: Josef Wijk (Sweden)

2021 (Bassoon)

Winner: Luis Marquez Teruel (Venezuela)
Second Place: Alexander Neubert (USA)
Third Place: Kodai Miyazaki (Japan)
Alternate: Kipras Mazeika (USA)

2020 (Oboe)

Finalist: Yuening Ning (China)
Finalist: Sophia Oehlers (USA)
Finalist: Biah Park (South Korea)

Due to the cancellation of the 49th IDRS Conference in Iowa City, and after much deliberation, the IDRS Executive Committee has decided that the 2020 Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Competition and the Norma Hooks Young Artist Competition will not celebrate a final round. The 2020 IDRS Competition Finalists will be honored and invited to perform in the IDRS 2021 conference in Boulder, Colorado.

2019 (Bassoon)

Winner: Enrico Bassi (Italy)
Second Place: Nicola Contini (Italy)
Third Place: Maria Bernal Sandoval (Spain)

The IDRS would also like to acknowledge Rachael Lee (USA) who was initially selected as a finalist but was unable to attend.

2018 (Oboe)

Winner: Ryan Roberts (USA)
Second Place: Seong ye Ma (South Korea)
Third Place: Joana Filipa Fernandes Soares (Portugal)

2017 (Bassoon)

Winner: Rosario Martínez (Spain)
Second Place: Alexander Grandal Hansen-Schwartz (Denmark)
Third Place: Alejandro Rausell (Spain)

2016 (Oboe)

Winner: Kip Zimmerman (USA)
Second Place: Gabriel Young (USA)
Third Place: Hannah Cruse (USA)

2015 (Bassoon)

Winner: Valeria Curti (Switzerland)
Second Place: Kaspar Reh (Germany)
Third Place: Geng Liang (Singapore)

2014 (Oboe)

Winner: Joshua Loretig (USA)
Second Place: Jesus Morillas Alonso (Spain)
Third Place: Emily Moscoso (USA)

2013 (Bassoon)

Winner: Mingyuan Yang (China)
Second Place: Thomas English (USA)
Third Place: Ben Roidl-Ward (USA)

2012 (Oboe)

Winner: Juri Schmahl (Germany)
Second Place: Chi Yuen “Bobby” Cheng (Hong Kong)
Third Place: Gretchen Myers (USA)

The IDRS would also like to acknowledge Julia DeRosa (USA) who was initially selected as a finalist but was unable to attend.

2011 (Bassoon)

Winner: Axel Benoit (France)
Second Place: Ananta Díaz (Venezuela)
Third Place: R. Conrad Cornelison (USA)

2010 (Oboe)

Winner: John Upton (USA)
Second Place: Camille Joutard (France)
Third Place: Matt Lengas (USA)

The IDRS would also like to acknowledge Gina Ford (USA) who was initially selected as a finalist but was unable to attend.

2009 (Bassoon)

Winner: Lola Descours (France)
Second Place: Sophie Dartigalongue (France)
Third Place: Joseph Grimmer (USA)

The IDRS is enormously appreciative of all our judges who volunteered their time to help decide the finalists and winners of the Young Artist Oboe and Bassoon Competitions throughout the years.

2023 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Sabrina Marlene Stovall (USA)
Jeffrey McCray (USA)
Gina Moore (USA)
Marcelo Padilla (USA/Costa Rica)
Kim Walker (USA)

Final Round
Maribel Alonso (Mexico)
Jieun Hur (South Korea)
Lansong Li (China)
Aaron Pergram (USA)
Eddie Sanders (USA)

2022 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Viviana Salcedo (Colombia)
Hassan Anderson (USA)
Christian Wetzel (Germany)

Final Round
Viola Wilmsen (Germany)
Jung Choi (USA)
ToniMarie Marchioni (USA)

2021 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Hans Agreda (Switzerland)
Gilbert Dejean (USA)
Lorelei Dowling (Austria)

Final Round
Catherine Carignan (Brazil)
Lamar Curtis (USA)
Kai-Yu Jian (Taiwan)
Maya Stone (USA)
Tia Wortham (USA)

2020 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Roger Cole (Canada)
Bengt Rosengren (Sweden)
Sherry Sylar (USA)

There was no final round due to COVID-19.

2019 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Gonzalo Brusco (Argentina)
Maya Stone (USA)
Annette Winker (Germany)

Final Round
Yoshi Ishikawa (Japan)
Amy Pollard (USA)
Matthias Racz (Germany)

2018 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Sarah Jeffrey
Elizabeth Koch Tiscione
Andreas Wittmann

Final Round
Nancy Ambrose King
Sebastien Giot
Celia Nicklin

2017 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Darrel Hale
Lía Uribe
Philipp Zeller

Final Round
Keith Sweger
Riccardo Terzo
Lynn Hileman

2016 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
David John Cowley
Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia
Robert Stephenson

Final Round
Pedro Diaz
Kathryn Greenbank
Jose Antonio Masmano Villar

2015 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Silvia Coricelli
Kazusa Mizutani
Alban Wesly

Final Round
Koji Okasaki
Sophie Dartigalongue
Albi Michlich

2014 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Nicholas Daniel (UK, Germany)
Dwight Parry (USA)
Susan Hatch Tomkiewicz (USA)

Final Round
Sarah Roper
Toyin Spellman-Diaz
Robert Walters

2013 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Jeffrey Lyman
Marion Reinhard
Rodion Tolmachev

Final Round
Nadina Mackie Jackson
Magnus Nilsson
Martin Kuuskmann

2012 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Joseph Salvalaggio
Aryn Day Sweeney
David Walter

Final Round
John Dee
Geralyn Giovannetti
Christopher Redgate

2011 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Carlo Colombo
Whitney Crockett
Lynn Hileman

Final Round
Judith Farmer
Lecolian Washington
Andrea Zucco

2010 (Oboe)

Preliminary Round
Washington Barella
Doris DeLoach
Rebecca Schalk Nagel

Final Round
Celeste Johnson
Humbert Lucarelli
Emily Pailthorpe

2009 (Bassoon)

Preliminary Round
Sue Heinemann
Jeff Keesecker
Amy Marinello

Final Round
Isabel Jeremias
Phillip Kolker
Marc Vallon

2023 (Bassoon)

  • Osvaldo Lacerda, Suite for bassoon and piano (Edition Viento/Trevco)
  • Libby Larsen, Jazz Variations for solo bassoon (Schirmer)
  • HyeKyung Lee, Dreaming in Colours (self-published)
  • Njabulo Phungula, Circles for solo bassoon (self-published)

2022 (Oboe) Boulder, Colorado, July 28, 2022

  • Jenni Brandon, Wood Song. (hard copy or digital download from composer:
  • Alessandro Besozzi, Sonata No. 1 in D Major, all movements, all repeats (Schott)
  • Ulysses Kay, Suite in B (Imagine music publishing)
  • Madeleine Dring, Three Piece Suite for Oboe and Piano (Emerson edition)

2021 (Bassoon) Online, July 28, 2021

  • Eugène Bourdeau Premier Solo – Entire Piece (any edition)
  • Alyssa Morris Mathematics – Movements 1 and 2: Geometry and Trigonometry (TrevCo)
  • Johann Fasch Sonata in C – Movements 1, 2, and 3 (any edition) (without repeats)
  • Allen Gimbel Sonatina – all movements (Subito Music)

2020 (Oboe) Iowa City, Iowa, June 23-28 (Final round canceled due to COVID-19)

Repertoire for the video-taped preliminary round:

  • Francesco Geminiani, Sonata in E Minor for Oboe and Piano (entire piece, all repeats) (Hortus Musicus, Germany)
  • August Klughardt, Concertino in F Major for Oboe and Piano, op.18 (Universal Edition, Austria)

Repertoire for the final round, which was scheduled to occur at the 2020 IDRS conference at the University of Iowa, Iowa City:

  • August Klughardt, Concertino in F Major for Oboe and Piano, op.18 (Universal Edition, Austria)
  • Francis Poulenc, Sonata for Oboe and Piano, Revised Edition 2004 (entire piece, all repeats) (Chester)
  • Malcolm Arnold, Fantasy for Oboe, op. 90 (Faber, England)

2019 (Bassoon) Tampa, Florida, July 16

  • Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonatina c minor for bassoon and continuo (Largo,Allegro,Dolce,Vivace)
  • Nancy Galbraith: Sonata for bassoon and piano (II and III mov)
  • Ernst Mahle: Sonatina for bassoon and piano
  • Malcolm Arnold: Fantasy for Bassoon Solo

2018 (Oboe) Granada, Spain, August 31

  • G. P. Telemann, Fantasie Nr. 8 in E Minor, TWV 40:9
  • Franz Krommer, Oboe Concerto No. 2 in F Major, Op. 52 (Mvts. I and II)
  • Alyssa Morris, Four Personalities (Mvts. I, III, and IV)
  • Benjamin Godard, Légende Pastorale from Scénes écossaises, Op. 138

2017 (Bassoon) Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, June 23

  • Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in C Minor, F VIII, No. 14, RV480 (Mvt. I)
  • Gioachino Rossini, Concerto for bassoon (Mvt. I)
  • William Davis Sonata for bassoon and piano
  • José Siqueira Drei Etüde für Fagott und Klavier

2016 (Oboe) Columbus, Georgia, USA, June 26-30

  • Telemann, Partita #5 in E Minor
  • Haydn, Concerto in C Major, Hob. VIIg:C1 (Mvt. I)
  • Daniel Pinkham, Reeds for solo oboe (Peters Edition) (Mvts. III and V)
  • Charles-Joseph Colin, Solo de concert, Op. 40, No. 3

2015 (Bassoon) Tokyo, Japan, August 15-19

  • Koželuh: Concerto in C Major (Mvt. I)
  • Saint-Saëns: Sonata for bassoon and piano (Mvt. III)
  • Doppler: Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, Op. 26 (Mvt. I)
  • Mignone: From Sixteen Waltzes, Pattapiada, Apanhei-te meu fagotinho (Valsa paródia), A Boa Páscoa Para Você Devos!, Valsa-Choro Apanhei-te meu fagotinho (Valsa paródia) A Boa Páscoa Para Você Devos! Valsa-Choro

2014 (Oboe): New York, New York, USA, August 5-9

  • C.P.E. Bach,  Sonata in G Minor for oboe and basso continuo, Wq 135, (Mvts. I and III)
  • Camille Saint-Saens, Sonata for oboe (Mvts. II and III)
  • Antal Dorati, Duo Concertante (Mvt. II)
  • Parma, Raffaele “Potpourri on Themes of Rigoletto”

2013 (Bassoon): Redlands, CA, USA, June 25-29

  • Gordon Jacob, Partita for solo bassoon (Mvts. I, II, III, and IV)
  • Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in E minor, RV 484
  • Gabriel Pierné, Solo de Concert, Op. 35
  • Alexandre Tansman, Suite pour basson et piano

2012 (Oboe): Oxford, Ohio, USA, July 7-11

  • Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in A Minor, RV 461
  • Eugène Bozza, Fantasie Pastorale
  • Paul Hindemith, Sonata for Oboe (Mvt. II)
  • Paul Reade, “Aspects of a Landscape” for solo oboe

2011 (Bassoon): Tempe, Arizona, USA, July 7-11

  • Georg Philipp Telemann, Fantasia No. 4 in D Minor
  • François Devienne, Sonata in F major, Op. 24 No. 3
  • André Previn, Sonata for bassoon and piano (Mvt. I)
  • Eugène Bozza, Récit, Sicilienne et Rondo

2010 (Oboe): Norman, Oklahoma, USA, June 22–26

  • G. F. Handel, Sonata in B-flat Major “Fitzwilliam” (Mvts. II and III)
  • Hummel, Introduction, Theme and Variations (Variation 4 to end)
  • Gordon Jacob, Seven Bagatelles for solo oboe
  • Edmund Rubbra, Sonata in C for oboe and piano, Op. 100 (Mvt. I)

2009 (Bassoon): Birmingham, England, July 21-25

  • Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto in A Minor (RV 497; F.VIII/7)
  • François Devienne, Sonata in G Minor, Op. 24, No. 5
  • Paul Hindemith, Sonate für Fagott und Piano (Mvt. II)
  • Camille Saint-Saëns, Sonate pour basson et piano, op. 168 (Mvts. I  and II)

Bassoon Chairpersons

  • 2020-Present: Jennifer Auerbach
  • 2015-2019: Isabel Jeremias
  • 2011-2014: Saxton Rose
  • 2008-2010: Eric Stomberg

Oboe Chairpersons

  • 2021- Present: Celeste Johnson
  • 2015-2020: Geralyn Giovannetti
  • 2011-2014: Michele Fiala
  • 2008-2010: Tim Clinch