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IDRS Baroque Band

IDRS Baroque Band

IDRS Baroque Band Application ~ 2024 Flagstaff

Link to 2024 Conference

2024 IDRS Baroque Band Coordinators:
Geoffrey Burgess and Jeanine Krause

The IDRS Baroque Band brings ceremonial and festive flair in the form of a fanfare before evening concerts: an enriching experience for participants and listeners alike and an ongoing feature at IDRS conferences. The IDRS Baroque Band harkens back to the great wind bands of the 17th and 18th centuries. By bringing both solemnity and frivolity, it fosters joy and shared participatory experience for avocational and professional players of historic double reeds. The IDRS Band, officially established in 2022 to be an annual conference activity, Any IDRS member may join the IDRS Baroque Band.

Read the 2022 thank you message from IDRS President Sarah Roper >>

2021 Stylized rendering in watercolor by Giuseppe Nalin of a 1752 copper plate by J. Punt (Binningen) “Trauerbläser”. Image use with permission © 2021 Giuseppe Nalin

Detailed Information

A limited number of instruments will be available for loan from the coordinators or from vendors at the conference.


The Baroque Band will be playing four-part music for oboes in different sizes and bassoons. Parts and scores are available here: View and download parts and scores here >>
The music is accessible to players with all levels of experience. Anyone with their own 415 Baroque oboe, tenor oboe (oboe da caccia) or bassoon is welcome to join. There will be a limited number of instruments available for loan. This is a great opportunity to explore playing early double reeds for the first time.


Tuesday, July 23rd from 2-4PM Instrumental rehearsal room

Wednesday, July 24th from 10AM-12PM Instrumental rehearsal room

Perform at 7PM on Thursday, July 25th Kitt Atrium


  • A “Baroque” instrument or copy pitched at A= 415Hz. A limited number of instruments will be available for loan during the conference.
  • Participation in at least one rehearsal
  • All participants must provide their own reed. Reeds will be available from vendors at the Exhibition.
  • IDRS Membership and Conference registration is required. Register for the conference >>

Please note: You will need to make or purchase your own reeds. We can assist you as necessary. Please keep in mind, reeds are not standard for Baroque instruments. Your enjoyment will be heightened if you take care to make/order reeds which fit to the kind of instrument you have/borrow.

Download 2023 Scores

Important Note: You must register for the conference and join 2023 IDRS Baroque Band to participate.


For more information please contact either Geoffrey Burgess or Jeanine Krause at