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Master Class Application 2022

The application period has closed. The Conference Artistic Committee has finalised the selection of the students. The results will be announced by the IDRS 2022 hosts.

2022 Boulder, Colorado Masterclass Application

Application Requirements

  • The Conference Artistic Committee will be selecting the students for the masterclasses 15 April onwards. The results will be announced May 1st onwards.
  • More detailed artist info:
  • For more information:
  • Deadline – May 1, 2022
  • Announcements of the selection: May 15th onwards.

Masterclass Information

Geoffrey Burgess : Baroque Chamber Music for Oboes and Bassoons
Michael Rabinowitz: USA Jazz Swing Rhythms and Articulation

Jaren Atherholt: How to perform confidently and musically under high pressure situation
ToniMarie Marchioni: Oboe Oboe Concours of the Paris Conservatoire
Erin Hannigan:  19th Century Orchestral Excerpts
Mary Lynch: Open repertoire
Toyin Spellman-Diaz:  “Using What You’ve Already Got To Get What You Want”.
Titus Underwood:  Open repertoire
Viola Wilmsen: Baroque and Classical Repertoire

Andrea Cellacchi: Open Repertoire
Telma Díaz: The Bassoon from Central America to the World
Sophie Dervaux: Orchestral excerpts
Martin Kuuskman: Versatility is the Key
Monica Ellis: Building the Best Bassoon Sound
Amy Pollard: Improving Performance Focus and Managing Performance Anxiety
Tristan Rennie:  Brahms Violin Concerto, 2nd mvt; Bartok Concerto for Orchestra, 2nd mvt; Strauss Don Quixote, variation No. 9
Eric Stomberg: The Coloratura Bassoon

Roger Soren: Contrabassoon Excerpt Masterclass