Master Class Application

2019 Tampa, Florida Master Class Information

Oboe Master Classes

Monday at noon
Number of students – 5
Standard solos of applicants choice

Tuesday at 9:00 AM
Number of students – 4
All movements of the Strauss concerto

Wednesday at 9 AM
Number of Students – 4

Pieces to prepare:

  • Arian from Cantata BWV 21 “Ich Hatte Viel Bekummerniss”, opening statement
  • Aria from Cantata BWV 32 “Liebster Jesu, Mein Verlangen”, opening statement
  • Aria from Cantata BWV 166 “Wo Gehest Du Hin?”, opening statement
  • Aria from Cantata BWV 202 “Weichet Nur, Betrubte Schatten”, opening statement, slow and fast arias

Thursday at 9:00 AM
Number of participants – 5

Excerpts to prepare:

  • Mozart Oboe Quartet
  • Mozart Serenade in C Minor
  • Loeffler Deux Rhapsodies
  • Ibert Trois Pieces Breves
  • Hindemith Kleine Kammermusik fur funf Blaser
  • Villa Lobos Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, & Basoon
  • Britten Phantasy Quartet
  • Janacek Mladi for Woodwind Quintet and Bass Clarinet

Monday at 10:00 AM
Number of participants – 6 to 8
Repertoire to be chosen at participants leisure

Monday at 3:15 PM
Number of Participants – 4
Any major Orchestral excerpts for the oboe of the participants choice

Wednesday at 2:00 PM
Number of participants – 4
British Oboe Solos of the participants choice (i.e., Dring, Musgrave, etc)

Wednesday at 4:30 PM
Number of Participants – 4
Any Telemman Fantasie of the participants choice

Thursday at 1:00 PM
Number of Participants – 3
Any orchestral excerpt of the participants choice

English Horn Master Classes

Tuesday at 10:15 AM
Number of Participants – 4
Prepare important English Horn excerpts

Wednesday at 3:45-4:45
Number of participants – 4
Solos or opera excerpts for English horn at the participants choice.

Bassoon Master Classes

Wednesday at 1:00 PM
Number of Students – 4

Applicants must prepare pieces by bassoon players during the French Revolution and the First Empire:

  • One of the 6 Grandes Sonates by Etienne Ozi
  • One of the 6 Sonates pour le bassoon op. 24 by Francois Devienne
  • Caprices for solo bassoon by Etienne Ozi
  • Other works by Ozi, Devienne, Gebauer, and or Delcambre

Tuesday at 11 AM
Number of students – 2

Excerpts will be chosen from:

  • Scheherazade Mvt. 2 solo
  • Tchaikovsky, Symphony 4, Mvt 2 Solo
  • Una futiva lagrima: solo
  • Bolero solo
  • Beethoven, Symphony 4, Mvt. 4 solo
  • Mozart, Figaro Overture beginning at bar 139
  • Brahms, Violin Concerto, Mvt. 2: opening, bassoon 2
  • Tchaikovsky, Symphony 6 Mvt. 1 opening solo

Thursday at 1:00 PM
Number of participants – 5
Repertoire to be chosen at participants leisure from standard solo repertoire

Monday 9:30 AM
Number of participants – 3
Hands on Experimentation with electronics and bassoon

Thursday 11:00 AM
Number of participants – 4
Double Tonguing Fundamentals

  • Choose from:  Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture
    • Mozart: Symphony #41 movement 4
    • Beethoven: Symphony #4, movement 4
    • Mozart: Symphony #35, movement 4

2019 Tampa, Florida Master Class Application

Application Requirements

  • Must be a current IDRS member. If you are not, you may join here.
  • All participants must be over the age of 18.
  • Must be registered for the conference and have the consent of their studio professor.
  • Fill out the form below and submit it by May 15, 2019 to be considered for a master class at our 48th annual conference in Tampa, Florida from July 14-18, 2019.