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13 February 2017

I am sorry to announce that Norma Hooks, our long-time Executive Secretary/Treasurer and friend, is experiencing some health problems.  She and her family have asked for all to respect their privacy as they work through these issues. Our thoughts go out to Norma and to her family.  Ed Craig has taken over many of Norma’s membership responsibilities.  If you have a question concerning your membership or if you have previously tried to contact Norma concerning membership issues, please send an email to Ed at; if you have any other questions concerning IDRS, you may contact me at

As many of you know, Howard Niblock, our co-host for the upcoming 2017 conference at Lawrence University, is also going through some health issues.  Current and former members of the IDRS Executive Committee are stepping up to assist Howard and Carl Rath as needed.  Please note that planning is moving ahead and we are looking forward to an exciting and successful conference In Appleton, Wisconsin from June 20 through 24.  If you have any questions, you can contact our hosts through their website, Martin Schuring, our conference coordinator, at, or me.  Information concerning exhibiting at IDRS2017 will be available very soon.
We recently completed some needed maintenance on our membership database.  I ask that if you have not already done so, to please renew your membership online at

To renew your membership, please login to and select the RENEW button on the home page.

If you have forgotten or do not have a password for, go to and enter your registered email address. If your email address is registered with IDRS, the server will email your password.

If your email address is not registered with IDRS, please select JOIN button on the home page.

By renewing/joining now online, you will be helping the society through this transition period.  Thank you for your continued support of the IDRS.


Keith Sweger
President, International Double Reed Society
Professor of Bassoon, Ball State University, Muncie, IN  47306 765-285-5511

The IDRS Executive board has adopted a new policy regarding access to IDRS publications. THE COMPLETE DIGITAL ARCHIVE of IDRS publications, from issue No. 1 entitled To The World’s Bassoonists (1968) to the most current issue, is available to IDRS members (excluding institutional members). Non-IDRS members must join the society if they wish to gain access to the archive. To access the archive, login to and select publications.

IDRS members must enter a different username and password (not your username and password) to access publications. We are building an interface that will allow members to access publication archives using their own We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

To see the username and password to access the digital archive of IDRS publications, please do the following:

1. Login to

2. Select Publications from the menu bar.

3. Select one of the following:

4. Reselect  your choice AGAIN from the pull-down menu

5. Select Find Records

6. Look for the username and password under Excerpt Abstract column.

The is the only resource that houses all IDRS publications. In addition to publication archives, IDRS members have access to:

*FREE SCORES AND SHEET MUSIC available at to download and print. Oboe and bassoon concertos, woodwind quintets (complete scores and parts for Danzi, Reicha, and Cambini), etude books including Barret, Ferling, Brod, and dozens of other chamber music works, including some one-of-a-kind chamber music scores and parts.

*RECORDINGS (midi files) of many of the etudes above are at These are especially valuable for students to learn tempi, check notes, hear expanded accompaniments, etc.

* A complete searchable IDRS MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY

*VIDEOS Streaming videos of conference concerts, recitals, master classes, interviews, and a complete video archive of the Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox competition from 2002 to present. Over 200 video streams, and the archive is growing. All video streams are catalogued and searchable.

The IDRS Video Enhancement Project on is now complete.  The video archive available on is now served via a database engine. The database engine permits members to search through all IDRS video recordings on the site with the use of key words. For example, upon entering the key words “low strings,” the database will find video Popov_shastakovitch_1Mbps_Stream-H264performances of the Concerto for bassoon and low strings (1975), by Sofia Gubaidulina, and the Concerto for bassoon and low strings, by Ana Sokolovic, both performed by Stephane Levesque during the most recent IDRS conference at Birmingham, UK. Both examples are also in HD! The database also allows for a broad search. For example, one can find and display all thirty-five available video recordings of performances and master classes from the 2006 IDRS conference. To access the video site, members can look for the multimedia link on the home page.

Currently, there are 210 video segments available on, which are comprised of performances, master classes, interviews and a complete video archive of the Fernand Gillet – Hugo Fox International Competition from the past seven years. All video segments of performances are available to IDRS members only.

In 2002, Yoshi Ishikawa, editor of IDRS OnLine publications and former president of IDRS (1994-1997), conceived, created, and began the IDRS Video Enhancement Project. The objective of this project has been to produce one-of-a-kind, historical, and innovative video segments, which will inspire, educate, and entertain performers, pedagogues and students of double reed instruments. The goal has been to make available these video segments to the public via the most current technology.Levewque_1Mbps_Stream-H264

Ishikawa is assisted by Saxton Rose, associate editor of IDRS OnLine publications. The current and former video crew includes Saxton Rose, Brian Jack, Michael Christoph, Eric Johnson and George Downing. Ishikawa is the professor bassoon performance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music, and Saxton Rose is a member of the artist faculty (bassoon performance) at the University of North Carolina, School of Music. Both Yoshi Ishikawa and Saxton Rose are active as soloists and have performed and presented master classes throughout Europe, Asia, Oceania, and South America. Video segments, which feature both Ishikawa and Rose, are part of the IDRS Video collection.

IDRS is pleased to announce a major enhancement to IDRS.Org, the new DROnline. DROnline is the online companion to our quarterly print publication, The Double Reed. It is an online journal, or weblog, which contains articles, information about our conferences and competitions, and general IDRS news. The site provides users the ability to comment on entries. The DROnline interface is very similar to that of IDRS Forum. The difference is that articles, which appear on, are of interest to a wide-rage of users, whereas Forum posts are more personal in nature and discussion is more casual. Additionally, a link to all articles that are posted on DROnline will appear on the home page of Names of authors will appear with each article, and editors will review all responses to articles. Saxton Rose and I will serve as the Administrators of DROnline.

With the introduction of DROnline, the following changes to IDRS Forum will occur.

Forum categories under News, Festivals, and Master classes, and Events will be renamed as: Announcements and Conference Q & A.

The Forum will be re-organized into:

  • Announcements by members – recitals, concerts and news
  • IDRS Conferences – questions and answers.

Double Reed News and Festival and Event announcements will be moved to These posts are for significant news items and information that are of interest to our members. Members may continue to submit announcements of major events on the Events page.

Welcome to, the official website of the International Double Reed Society, the world-wide organization of double reed (oboe and bassoon family) players, instrument manufacturers and enthusiasts. is the most comprehensive site dedicated to the dissemination of information related directly to double reed performance, pedagogy, and research. The project is supported, in part, by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the University of Colorado, College of Music.  

Available from the site are: IDRS publications since the inception of the organization in 1972; one-of-a-kind video, audio and podcasts of performances, master classes and interviews of world-renowned double reed professionals, emerging artists and master teachers; complete audio/video/text archive of the Gillet-Fox international competition; double reed music including complete woodwind quintets by Danzi, Reicha and Cambini; database driven information resource system; and much more. The most recent enhancement of is the DROnLine, an interactive site that permits members to comment and ask questions on various topics posted on DROnLine! 

75% of is accessible to the public. Access to premium features, such as the most current publications and audio/video of performances, is restricted to IDRS members only to honor privacy and copyright agreements. is maintained by Yoshi Ishikawa, Editor of IDRS OnLine Publications and the Professor of Music, Bassoon Performance of the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Music; Saxton Rose, Assistant Editor of IDRS OnLine Publications and the Artist Professor of Bassoon Performance at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts; and a team of IDRS OnLine editors.


Yoshi Ishikawa
Editor, IDRS OnLine Publications
Professor of Music, Bassoon Performance
University of Colorado at Boulder, College of Music

Video of the 2008 Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox International Competition is now available to IDRS members. IDRS online video now use the popular Flash (FLV) format. Video plays directly in the page through Adobe Flash player without requiring additional plug-ins. Click here for 2008 Gillet-Fox Video. Click here to view the official Gillet-Fox site.