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Kristin Leitterman | Trobairitz Concerto for Treble Double Reed Soloist

Trobairitz Concerto for Treble Double Reed Soloist

Trobairitz (2019-2020) was written by Lee Hartman for Dr. Kristin Leitterman and the Arkansas State University Wind Ensemble. This concerto finds its inspiration in the trobairitz, the noble-born women poet-composer-performers akin to the troubadours of the medieval era. “A chantar” by Beatriz de Dia of the late 12th century is the only known work that survives with both music and poetry intact. Beatriz de Dia’s strophic song weaves throughout this new work in many guises. Like the poem of the scorned lover, the piece builds and builds on the dark lyricism giving way to frustration, fury, and condemnation. Hartman has created an alternate version for soloist with piano so the piece can be performed in a chamber setting.

Trobairitz: Concerto for treble double reed soloist (2019-2020) – Lee Hartman (b. 1979)
I. “A chantar m’er de so q’ieu no voldria…”
II. “…Esta chansson que me sia messatges: …”
III. “… Q’en trop d’orguoill ant gran dan maintas many gens!”

Lauren Schack-Clark, piano
Lee Hartman, composer