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Reed Quintets of the Americas

Reed Quintets of the Americas

Kalliope Reed Quintet

Anna Bradford, oboe/english horn
Celine Ferro, clarinet
Bennett Parsons, saxophone
Wolcott Humphrey, bass clarinet
Natalie Zemba, bassoon

World premiere of Laurentian Bolero, by Mathieu Lussier (b. 1973)

Thaw, by Becky Turro (b. 1997)
I. Hyperborea
III. Kaleidoscope Cove

Suite for Reed Quintet, by Ian Wiese (b. 1994)
I. Sonatina

Divergences, by Zach Gulaboff Davis (b. 1991)
II. Jest
III. Frolic

Wildflower Quintet, by  Jenni Brandon (b. 1977)
I. Wildflowers
II. Wild Rose and the Butterfly

Danzón No. 5, by Arturo Márquez (b. 1950), arranged for reed quintet by Natalie Zemba

Amaru, by Daniel Cueto (b. 1986)

Preview of Cinco Momentos Peruanos by Daniel Cueto (b. 1986)