Re: cases for bassoon

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Trent Jacobs

I would’t trust any case in an aircraft hold. The Wiseman case is probably the most sturdy externally. I use the Marcus Bonna case myself and I find it to be the best backpack case I’ve tried. It’s not as rigid of a shell as the Wiseman though, but way way way lighter and much less expensive. You might also check out the Bam case sold by http://www.millermarketingco.com for a good mix of comfort for the person carrying the bassoon and for protecting the instrument at a really reasonable price. It’s pretty light too, but substantially larger outside dimensions than most cases. Those are the three cases I would most recommend.


Wiseman tubular case: pros: Most protection from the outside world, compact design. cons: very expensive, heavy

Marcus Bonna case: pros: compact design, comfortable backpack, good internal blocking, quite inexpensive. cons: not as protective as competition, on backorder everywhere (expect to wait at least 6 months to get it)

Bam case: pros: solid protection, fairly lightweight, very inexpensive. cons: large outside dimensions, internal blocking leaves some to be desired for some bassoons.