Re: Expanding Lung Capacity

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Neville Forsythe

Hi Terry

The “asthma awareness” people use a “flow meter” (which measures lung capacity) in public campaigns.
I know because I blew them away almost literally at a local school, when I stepped up and gave it a blast from my bassoon-exercised lungs.
They couldn’t believe that I had such a great capacity for my age (past 50) and self-admitted lack of muscular fitness (I carry a few too many kilos of padding and avoid sport like the plague – though I walk regularly for cv exercise).

Its only anecdotal but I suggest you start with the asthma people – you may have to instigate some scientifically robust research on the topic.

Maybe get a flow meter for the next IDRS Conference and check all the participants out.
It would give you a fairly good sample no doubt.

Cheers Neville