Re: Good bassoon cane?

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Jennifer Sadoff

Dear Reeders,

I know there is a lot to be said for personal preference in terms of the choice of can, but I thought I’d mention that I have had great success with the Chinese cane I have been using in the past 2 years. I use a Herzberg shape and profile it on a Rieger profiler and, in comparison to several other kinds of cane (Neuranter, RDG, Glotin, Danzi, Davies, Rieger, Rigotti; most of which I find to be good, too) I find the Chinese cane to be quite consistant, free-blowing while at the same time strong enough to support nicely in the high register. On my setup it makes reeds that I really like playing on. Several of my advanced students have also expressed this preference. Midwest used to carry it but they stopped. Now the place to get it is Singin’ Dog (in Texas). I know they’ve got a bunch of tube cane and it’s reasonably priced and cut to length (also nice).

Happy reeding,
Jennifer Sadoff
Dallas, TX