Re: Low E-F connection

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Dan Duncan

I had the low E-F connection on the Heckel I played during my teaching career and when I retired, I felt that I would probably not do enough playing to warrent keeping such a fine instrument and sold it.

The Fox 201 I replaced it with is an outstanding instrument and has characteristist and keys that I didn’t have before such as a high E key. However, so far, I have discovered that I used the E-F connection MUCH more that I realized. I MISS IT!!! The one addition on the Fox that I really wish I had upt on the Heckel is a pad for LH 3. I think I had let small leaks hapen as I played in the low register. I have MUCH less problem now and I don’t think it was a matter of problems with the Heckel.

Be sure that you are willing to put up with everyone wondering why you had that key added and in particular, repairpersons asking if you ‘really use it’.

I will probably have the E-F connection added to the Fox. Does this help?