Re: Oboe d’amore reed dimensions

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elizabeth hardin

The different staples manufactured for oboe d’amore fit over the bocal with varying amounts of overlap. As a result, it is more useful to measure the length of cane above the tie than to measure the overall length of the blank reed including staple. I have been using a set-up of between 23-24 mm above the tie for the finished reed, using a shape which is a very large, unidentified oboe shape given to me by a teacher years ago. (It is a little wider than a Loree 2 oboe shape.) It is tied on the staple using EE thread (hence, more turns) with about 4-5 turns after the sides appear to close. My best reeds have used the Mark Chudnow d’amore staples, in either silver or gold. These staples are a little longer than the glotin ones, with more overlap over the bocal. I choose cane with a radius of 10.75-11, and I use the same thickness gauge as I use on oboe (@58), with a graf gauger. I try to avoid wiring the reeds, but might add wire after they are somewhat worn down to support the opening and deter further overlap slippage. These proportions work on both of my d’amores — one is Loree and one is Marigaux.