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Hello Susan, (et al) I would suggest that you can dedicate an area of your abode for reed makng and that you can either move the reed table and tools (laid out) with a dust cover over it if wanted) in a closet in the best reed room, so that other activities can take place at other times. Then, when you have a planned time for making bassoon reeds you only will need to retreive your table from its storage location. I make reeds in a 2 bedroom apartment – where I live alone. I use the second bedroom as a computer room and a bassoon reed making room. I bought from Sears & Roebuck many years ago a great combination plastic tool holder. It stands 9 inches height (10 and 1/2 inches counting a carrying handle on top. There are both a lower section of partitioned receptacles for small tools (files, emery boards, X-acto blade knives in plastic tubes, etc.) and best of all are the sections on the upper part. These hold 6 mandrels/reamers in six circular holes and hold several pairs of pliers, scissors and garden shears with curved blade (for cutting lengths of cane perfectly to dimension) in 4 rectangular shaped “holes”, plus cutouts for taller tools, etc. When I travel to give bassoon reed master classes, I can take this 3-part plastic tool holder down to pieces and re-assemble it for my reed making demonstrations (in short order). I keep a towel atop the stand and its tools so I can have it at my disposal as soon as my table is set for reed making. I use an electric tea kettle to make steam to form my reed tubes and thus keep that kettle in my kitchen where I have access to water easily. All of this makes bassoon reed making quite efficient at home. I hope this description will help other reed makers as they go about their planning for better reed tables.
Sincerely, moderator, Gerald Corey