An Update on our IDRS 2020 Competitions

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    An Update on our IDRS 2020 Competitions

    Due to the recent cancellation of the 49th IDRS Conference in Iowa and after much deliberation, the IDRS Executive Committee (EC) has decided the 2020 Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Competition and the Norma Hooks Young Artist Competition will not celebrate a final round. To honor the 2020 IDRS Competition Finalists, however, all finalists be awarded a cash prize and will be invited to perform at the IDRS 2021 conference in Boulder, CO. Finalists will be selected and announced by the preliminary judges later this month.

    The Finalists will each receive the following cash prizes:

    Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox Competition: 2000 USD for each finalist (5)
    Norma Hooks Young Artist Competition: 1000 USD for each finalist (3)

    There will be no alternates.

    The EC very much appreciates the hard work and energy put into these competitions by the Competition Chairs, Albie Micklich (Gillet-Fox) and Geralyn Giovannetti (Norma Hooks YAC).

    The IDRS EC also thanks the Preliminary Round Judges for their time and work:

    2020 Norma Hooks Young Artist Competition for Oboe Preliminary Judges:
    Roger Cole, Bengt Rosengren, Sherry Sylar

    2020 Fernand Gillet- Hugo Fox Competition for Bassoon Preliminary Judges:
    Kaitlyn Cameron, Nancy Goeres, Amy Pollard, Christopher Schaub, Adam Trussel

    We thank all the competitors for participating and look forward to announcing the list of the finalists.

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