Balance Hanger

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    I’m not keen to pay a professional instrument technician to install the above on my bassoon, which presumably involves the simple drilling of a hole in the top of the butt joint. Can I not do this myself, or would this be foolhardy? Has anyone done this and lived to tell the tale?


    you’re already going to be paying a tidy sum of money for the hardware itself, why not pay a professional?

    to more directly answer you though, doing it yourself, would in fact, be foolhardy.

    Joel Cage

    In the hole for hanger on my bassoon (I believe on most) there is metal tube inserted. I think it give’s the strength to wood. So be aware of that if you decide to do it yourself.

    Here is a pic of my bassoon: http://bit.ly/dWmeYI

    But my advise is to let professional repairer to do it.

    Ian White

    It only takes a few minutes to do so won’t cost a vast amount.

    Chad Taylor

    Hello Dinsdale:

    To keep this short and to the point. Unless your sure your going to get the hole in the right spot, and drill it perfectly straight in, I would reccomend a professional bassoon tech do it. Ive did a couple of these now, and I have had a couple attempts wind up in me having to plug and redrill the hole just because it was a very small amount off from what I measured. You could wind up costing yourself more money having a tech undo the damage of a faulty attempt, than to have someone do it right from the getgo. Along with the retail price of the balance hanger, I usualy charge $20 more for the installation.


    Jim Kirker

    Hi Dinsdale,
    What make of bassoon are you planning to put the balance hanger on? If it’s an older Fox bassoon, the measurements for the hole placement are different than with a newer Fox. If it is a Heckel or a Moosmann with a RH whisper key lock you probably need a left hand balance hanger instead of the regular one.
    Jim Kirker


    Well there is no doubt that It will take few minutes to make hole for hanger on bassoon will make it strengthen but the one point must be considered that you might have the new bassoon.


    Forrest’s has a “strap-on” balance hanger. Though they say on the website that it does not, I’m afraid it might interfere with key action on the long joint/wing joint, in addition to looking like rinky-dink crap.

    Anyone have any experience with these? Is it worth the $65?

    If not, I think I have my first item to consider for next year’s scheduled maintenance list.

    I have begun to use a harness instead of a seat strap, and the ring on the boot joint of my Fox bassoon seems to work fine. The harness is at its maximum length limit, though, and I’d like a little more adjustment leeway, I think. Or perhaps a lady with ample “tracts of land” ought not to use a shoulder harness?

    Opinions on balance hangers in general? What do you folks like, or not like, and why?

    If this helps, I play a Fox Model II, circa 1982.



    Mark Ortwein
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