Bassoon & Marimba pieces

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    Wendy Bloom

    Have you played a bassoon & marimba piece?
    What was the name, composer, and publisher (if known)?
    😎 Wendy B.

    Kent Moore

    Hi Wendy:
    There is a piece by Paul Chihara called Branches for 2 Bassoons and Percussion that is a good work. Publisher is Protone Music. It has been many years since I have played it. Yoshi Ishikawa has an MP3 of it on the IDRS web site 1999 recordings that you can listen to. Have fun. Kent

    Alexis Janners

    What a perfect topic!! My husband is a percussionist and I’m a bassoonist!!!!

    We have a piece called Mirror Images for bassoon and marimba by Thomas Takaro. It is published by PER-MUS Publications. We actually got it from New England Sheet Music. You need another person to play it though, someone to take the mutes off the marimba (not enough time for the player to do so). It is very cool, uses a “helicopter” effect on the bassoon. It is about 11’30”.


    Trevor Cramer

    There is also a piece by Gordon Stout “Duo Dance-Song” for Bassoon and Marimba and David Maslanka’s “Orpheus” for 2 Bassoons and Marimba.

    TK DeWitt

    The Mozetich concerto is scored for Bassoon, Strings, and Marimba. Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe there is a piano reduction available to replace the strings. I know there is a recording by Michael Sweeney on his “Mozart and Well Beyond” CD. Here’s a link to some more information on it:


    Jim Schaeffer

    Charles Wuorinen wrote an interesting piece, “Arabia Felix”, for bassoon, vibraphone, and a few other instruments. Not a marimba, but in the same family. I think his “Variations” for bassoon, harp, and tympani is also worthwhile.

    Jim Schaeffer
    Executive Director
    Long Leaf Opera

    Greg A Steinke

    I have piece for Bassoon and Marimba called Memories of Chief Joseph. It is available through Gold Branch Music -www.goldbranchmusic.com. You can check there for sample score pages.

    Greg Steinke

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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