Ewazen Trio for Bassoon, Horn, and Piano

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    Kiefer Strickland

    Hey guys!

    I’m looking to get a copy of the Ewazen trio. I can’t seem to find it anywhere online so I was wondering if anyone owned it and I could pay for a copy of it? Or maybe someone could refer me to where I could buy it. I tried emailing Ewazen, but he has yet to reply.


    Trent Jacobs

    Here’s what Trevco’s site says about it:

    This is currently available ONLY as a prepublication edition directly from Southern Music and is not available to dealers. To order a set, please call Southern at 800-284-5443 and ask for Sarah. Publication date by Southern Music (Texas) is undetermined.

    So call and ask for Sarah I guess. :-)

    When in doubt, if it’s a question about double reed music I always check Trevco first. Eble Music second.

    Trevor Cramer

    Thanks Trent – that WAS the correct information until Southern basically closed for business on February 25th of 2012. Not bankruptcy, but just closed (went out of business). Rumor is that some other publisher will pick up the threads and begin publishing Southern Editions again, but that also does not answer the question of what happens to the Ewazen, to which they had the rights but never published it. Perhaps if Mark Rogers reads this he can enlighten us a bit further.

    Trent Jacobs

    Oh right! I forgot about that business with Southern. Such a huge catalog just kaput!

    Harry Searing

    The Southern catalog will probably get purchased by someone (like Hal Leonard or Alfred), but that could take a while. And then, production of new product isn’t going to be their first priority. So I suggest keep emailing Eric. That’s how I got my copy, but I’m missing the piano part right now, otherwise I’d help you out.

    Keep trying, it’s worth it, it’s a very nice piece, I’ve done it twice.

    Dwight Manning

    According to WorldCat, the Curtis Institute and Depauw University have this trio in their libraries. http://www.worldcat.org/title/trio-for-horn-bassoon-and-piano/oclc/48383423&referer=brief_results

    Perhaps Interlibrary loan is an option?

    -best of luck,

    Kiefer Strickland

    Thanks for all of the info, everyone!

    I have tried to contact Ewazen twice via email and I have called the number for southern music. While they are closing up shop they are still selling music, but they are not selling the trio for some reason.

    I will try the interlibrary loan! Thanks so much Dr. Manning!

    Kiefer Strickland

    I’m still looking for the music if anyone has any leads!

    I got turned down for the interlibrary loan. D:

    Delmar Williams

    I contacted Eric Ewazen today via his website, and I got this response several hours later:

    “””””Thanks so much for your message! Please let them know that they
    should definitely contact me at eric at ericewazen.com with a cc to
    eewazen at yahoo.com. Also–a Pre-published version is very shortly
    going to be available from Theodore Presser Co. who is now publishing
    much of my music. I will definitely be able to get the music to them
    either by myself or through Presser right away.””””

    Kiefer Strickland

    Well, my horn player, pianist, and myself had tried contacting him multiple times with no response. But I will try to contact him at the emails you provided. Thank you for the help Delmar! It is greatly appreciated :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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