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    Susan Richter

    Great idea for a forum!

    Here’s a question that I’ve been struggling with for several years, and maybe someone out there has an answer, or ideas anyway.

    Where does one look for used early double-reed instruments; specifically, shawms and dulcians/curtals?

    I’ve found a few places that run a “used instrument” business, like the Early Music Shop Website (http://www.e-m-s.com/uia/uiastart.html) — but that leans pretty heavily toward cornemuses and krummhorns (capped reeds). I can’t help thinking that there are lots of instruments out there gathering dust, whose owners might welcome the chance to sell them if they knew someone were interested!

    Here’s an idea: could we add a category for “early double reed instruments” to the classified ads?
    – Susan

    Sally Slocum


    Are you a member of Early Music America? (www.earlymusic.org) They have ads which might be helpful. Also the Von Huene shop might be a possible source, or even Lark in the Morning in Seattle.

    Dana Sarah Cordish


    Go to: http://www.dulcians.org

    Sarah :)
    Baroque oboe, baroque bassoon, and dulcian

    Darlene Franz

    Don’t forget Antique Sound Workshop, which has an extensive listing of used instruments on their website http://www.aswltd.com, and Bill Lazar’s Early Music http://www.bill-lazar.com, who deals mainly in recorders.

    Lark in the Morning here in Seattle is great for all kinds of ethnic instruments, and they may have early music specialists on their staff, but I have yet to meet one when visiting the shop. It’s not a place that comes to mind when I think about finding professional quality early music instruments…
    For recorder expertise, a great selection of recorder music, and a thoughtfully-selected variety of educational materials I have been very impressed with John’s Music Center, also in Seattle, http://www.johnsmusic.com.

    Darlene Franz, M. M.
    Seattle, WA
    Oboes, Historical Oboes, Recorders

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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