giampieri perfection studies

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    i have got this book, and i now have enough courage to tackle some of the studies!! i am going to a music conservatoire in a couple of weeks, so i have decided to completely blitz it, and try to practice as many as the studies as possible.

    i have started on study 4, and am practicing each cell individually, and then attempting to put adjacent 2 or 3 cells together. Does anyone have any tips and guidance about attempting to sharpen my technique to a point before i go off to college?????????????




    My advice would be to not do it at all. I think the Giampieri is a great book, and one of the most useful things for developing technique. However, they are not particularly useful as lesson material. Their best use is for individual practice.

    In any event, at least for my students, these exercises would not be particularly appropriate for pre-college age students. I have a number of things that I would recommend before getting to Giampieri, including the Milde Studies in Scales and Chords.

    Playing them certainly won’t hurt you, but it might be a better use of your time to work on more standard studies or repertoire. If you aren’t completely familiar with such things as all the Weissenborn, the Milde Concert Studies, etc., I would recommend working on those.

    But, don’t spend too much time trying to anticipate what your new teacher is going to assign to you. He or she will have plenty of ideas about that.

    Dr. Edwin Lacy
    University of Evansville


    cheers for that – i do use the milde scales and chords book, however i have had a lesson with my proffesor, and he said that the giampieri is an excellent book – if you can play everything in that book, you could play everything!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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