new bass oboe from Guntram Wolf!!

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    Harry Searing

    This instrument was in Provo. It looks wonderful! Can’t wait to try it.


    Goodbye, Heckelphone?

    Trent Jacobs

    It’s pretty nifty. Sounded a little saxophone-y when I hear people playing on it, but those I heard playing it were usually students, many of whom probably have never played an instrument larger than an English Horn, so I somehow doubt that a refined player used to the instrument would sound like that.

    If the Contraforte is any indication of Wolf’s abilities to redesign instruments there is a future for the Lupophone.

    By the way, anyone who hadn’t figured it out (and admittedly I needed Peter Wolf to point this out to me) the name Lupophone is a play on the naming scheme of Heckelphone but with the name Wolf. But Wolfophone sounded funny, so they took the Latin word for Wolf – Lupo – and used that instead.


    I heard the instrument at IDRS, also. The player I heard was not a student, and it sounded really nice. I was told that with one style bocal it sounds like a bass oboe, and with another it sounds like a Heckelphone.

    The rough estimate of cost that I was given was about half the cost of a Heckelphone.


    Has anyone heard anything more about the Lupophone? Any news about when these might be available, and more specific information as to the expected cost? The Guntram Wolf site doesn’t seem to have any updated information.


    Trent Jacobs

    Try contacting Hank Skolnick as he’s the person in the US that has the most contact with Guntram and may have more information. He posts on here from time to time. I’ll alert him to this thread if he isn’t aware already.

    Henry Skolnick

    I work with Guntram Wolf importing his instruments for North American customers. The Lupophone is in the final stage of development. They have built a second prototype incorporating some small changes based on the feedback from players of the first prototype, which was shown at the Provo IDRS conference. Production details are largely sorted out, and production could begin soon. The final price is not yet set, but the Wolf’s think it will be around $16,000. Once in production, the wait time will be short, and instruments will be delivered in about six weeks on average.

    There have been several different bocal designs tried on the Lupophone. Each one has a slightly different sound and feel. There will be continued trials of the most promising of these. Once the instrument is in production, I will have detailed information about bocal types as well. There are also several reed shaper designs in the works, and there should be two or three shaper options on the market soon.

    The Lupophone was shown at the Frankfurt Musikmesse April 1-4, and will be on display at the 2009 IDRS conference in Birmingham. It can also be seen at the Guntram Wolf workshop in Kronach, Germany.


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