Oboe teaching

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    Hi everyone,

    Do you know if there is some book in which appear how to teach?I’m not seeking for a method of lessons but another type of book that shows the basis of learning. And what is the suitable age for starting? I have to write an report about it and I’m lost.


    Terry B. Ewell

    Marian, are you looking for a book on oboe teaching or a general book about teaching and learning? Terry


    I’m looking for a book on oboe teaching (and learning if possible), a textbook, but non a method like Barret or Brod.

    I have to write a report about the first year in oboe learning, but from the point of view of a teacher. I have an Evelyn Rothwell’s book, Oboe technique (Oxford) but I need more sources if I want to present a proper bibliography.

    Thanks and sorry because my English is not good enough and my Spanish mind sometimes makes weird Spanish-English translations :)

    Darlene Vandewater

    Hi Marian, try “The Art of Oboe Playing” by Robert Sprenkle.

    Martin Schuring

    There’s an excellent book by Robert Mayer called “Essentials of Oboe Playing”, which deals exclusively with the teaching of beginners. It was published by Hal Leonard in 1969. I’m sure it’s out of print, but a good university library should have a copy. Robert Mayer played for some years in the Chicago Symphony as second oboist, and had a lifelong interest in teaching young players. When I met him, in the early 1980’s, he was retired in Florida, in his mid seventies, and still teaching a couple of dozen youngsters every week.

    In addition to the Rothwell and Sprenkle listed above, there’s also “Oboe” by Leon Goossens. Good luck with your topic.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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