P.Hannevold BsnPremiereSevåg’s EuropeanMemories Jan20/21(21st 130pmET W’cast)

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    Delmar A. Williams

    Webcast from Bergen, Norway on January 21 130pm ET, 1030am Pacific, 630pm London 19:30 CET HERE:

    Edward Gardner conductor Per Hannevold bassoon Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra Igor Stravinsky Concerto in D (12 mins) Øystein Sevåg European Memories, Concerto for bassoon and orchestra (world premiere) (23 mins)Franz Schubert / Luciano Berio Rendering (35 mins)

    About European Memories, Sevåg says: “The basic ideas for the work have been created in a state of association where impulses from our European cultural heritage have been allowed to flow fairly freely through the pen. Then the elements have undergone a structuring. It has been an interesting journey where I have become more familiar. myself as a composer. Discussions with Per Hannevold along the way have given me very good input and taught me more about the bassoon’s rich register of expression. Two premises have formed the basis of the work. One was to create a musical narrative with the simplest possible means, at least no more complicated than necessary.The second was to test whether originality does not necessarily lie in creating a new musical alphabet, but simply in what is said.If this is true, the use of a familiar tonal language does not have to stand in the way of a new and unknown musical experience.

    The work is a declaration of love for Europe’s turbulent history and the fruits it has produced. At a time when Europe is struggling both from within and without, it is easy to forget how expensive culture is. The continent’s centuries of struggle for justice, bloodshed, greed, unimaginable wars, hard work, diligence, devotion, visions, brave people and clear thinking led us to humanism and fragile democracy. Along this road arose science and luminous art. They learned to use disagreements and differences to create development and new ideas that benefited more people. Humans cultivated the land and ate. They danced. They built wonderful cathedrals for the soul, and universities for the mind. ”

    The work’s four movements
    1 Sparks. (The sparks arising from opposites.)
    2 Soil. (Earth, the foundation of all that lives and grows.)
    3 Footprints. (Reminiscent of dancing.)
    4 Arches. (Arcs, connecting lines through time.)

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