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    Thomas Holly

    Hi all! I went to school for bassoon but ended up choosing another career. I started on a new Renard 240 in high school and then purchased a new Fox 601 in college, which I later sold. I haven’t played in at least 12 years but have decided to save up for another bassoon and be a “hobbyist”. I am interested in keywork with precise action, and in being able to express myself by playing lyrically. I don’t need the projection of a pro horn, as at most I’d join a community orchestra one day. My budget is around $10-$15K. My target instruments to try are: another new Fox Renard 240; a new Moosmann M24; a new Wolf 2000 plus; a used Moosmann 100E; a used Fox 201. I would also consider a new Fox 460 but aesthetically I can’t get on board with the long bell and candy apple red color; just my personal preference. Any recommendations within my relatively limited budget? Any positives or negatives from my listed horns? Also, anyone ever try a Fox 680 or 685? Well outside my budget; just curious how people are liking them.

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