“tip-profiled” GSP bassoon cane?

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    A year or two ago I bought a batch of GSP Glotin cane off eBay that was advertised as being tip profiled, with very little finishing required. (I assume this wasn’t actually done using a tip profiler designed to work on clipped blanks.) I was skeptical but the results have been excellent and so far none of them had too much shaved off. Unfortunately the vendor no longer offers this and told me that the machine he used became maladjusted and the maker is deceased. Does anyone have recommendations for similar cane? Or should I just buy a real tip profiler? I don’t have much patience for hand-finishing reeds that start with a very thick profile, especially since the majority won’t meet my standards anyway.

    Trent Jacobs


    1. Real tip profilers are amazing and a great investment. I couldn’t do what I do without mine.
    2. Some profilers are flexible enough to provide a pretty close to finished tip. Reeds ‘n’ Stuff comes to mind. However, it’s quite hard to get it just right, as there are multiple levels of adjustment to get the slope where you want it.
    3. Vandoren GSP cane is pretty close to finished. But at $8/piece give or take, it’s easily the most expensive cane on the market. It’s also so thin that the wings might be damaged by the time it gets to you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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