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    I have been playing the oboe for several years now, and have always had a very natural vibrato. It was something that i never had to learn and came completely naturally. This year, I had a teacher who pushed more resistant reeds for a dark german-like sound, and ever since the switch my vibrato has moved to a very un-natural place, and I am unable to control it in the way in which I could. My body could not handle the resistance that was being asked, and even when switching back to my lighter reed style, the effects that the switch had on my vibrato are very apparent. It has literally taken away all control of it completely. I can not sneak it in, or start it right at the beginning of the note. Also, when I’m doing it it feels VERY physically uncomfortable, and sometimes even moves to the throat with a VERY apparently clicking noise.

    I am really scared of what is going on, and I need advice for having to “relearn” vibrato. I will take any suggestions possible, I just need to fix this. I have talked to my private teacher, but he’s never had to teach anyone vibrato as his students tend to have it naturally… like I once did.

    Thank you so much for your help, and i really hope I can fix this issue!!!


    David Crispin

    Go to the IDRS web site and watch the excellent streaming video of Jan Eberle’s masterclass “Vibrato… no longer a mystery” and have a happy ending to this situation! Do be patient and follow her timeline for progress; don’t rush it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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