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Regional Ballot Midsouth

Thank you for taking part in the process to elect new leadership for the Midsouth Chapter of IDRS. All nominated candidates appear on the ballot below.

Candidates for Regional Officers

President 1

Kristin Leitterman

As a dedicated member of the double reed community, I am passionate about promoting connections and opportunities within our smaller regional area. My enthusiasm for the Midsouth Regional Chapter of IDRS stems from a sincere desire to create accessibility to double reed events for students and enthusiasts across our region who might not have the ability to travel to an IDRS conference each year. Having previously served on the MDRS board for two years, I am eager to continue contributing to our community’s growth and development. As one of the first board members of the Midsouth Region I would like to help establish outreach, organize inclusive events, and allow for new collaborations. By actively engaging with our regional chapter, I aim to cultivate a vibrant and supportive environment where all double reed enthusiasts can thrive and contribute to the richness of our musical landscape.

President 2

Scott Erickson

As a dedicated oboist with a passion for both performance and education, I am excited to nominate myself for a position within the Midsouth Region of the International Double Reed Society. In my years of teaching and performing professionally, I have developed a commitment to promoting the artistry and education of double reed instruments in our community. I am eager to contribute my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to support the goals and initiatives of the society, and I am confident I can serve our organization in positive and meaningful ways. Together, we can continue to seek ways to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment for all double reed enthusiasts in the Midsouth Region.

Vice President 1

Alyssa Morris

I feel deeply grateful to IDRS. It was at IDRS 2008 that I had my first composition performed internationally, and IDRS 2014 that I first had the opportunity to give an international performance . These events were door-opening for my career. IDRS creates environments of inclusion and student access in a variety of ways, including the recent creation of regional chapters. I feel fortunate to be in the midsouth region, where a thriving organization (MDRS) has already been established. I would hope to contribute to this community by:

    • Continuing the MDRS annual clinics and competitions, and adding a graduate-age category
    • Continuing “The Crow” publication
    • Creating university clinic exchanges where graduate students teach
    • Creating student-centered double reed portfolio development workshops
    • Commissioning new works for oboe and bassoon from a diverse representation of emerging/ student composers by way of consortiums, donors, and grants.

Vice President 2

Rachel Frederiksen

I currently serve as the Vice President of the existing MDRS organization. While it has only be a short term, I would love to continue serving this group in its new form and help it continue to grow.


Kathleen Carter Bell

21st century artistic life is evolving rapidly, providing challenges and opportunities. As a performer, educator, scholar, and arts advocate, I constantly seek to make my art speak to the needs of modern life. Similarly, as a Board Member, my mission would be to provide members opportunities to practice their art, enrich their communities, and design Midsouth in ways to best serve them. My experience could contribute meaningfully. I have been a full-time professor, adjunct educator, principal oboist, freelance musician, and private instructor. I have sold reeds, written grants, published articles, and designed outreach concerts. I have useful practical skills—I am organized, articulate, and, most importantly, am eager to make our new chapter a success. Living in a state where diversity and inclusion are increasingly challenged, I see this position as a platform for advocacy. IDRS Midsouth can foster understanding and help us address challenges musicians face today. Let’s get started.


Theresa Delaplain

I have been treasurer of the Midwest Double Reed Society for several years. I am interested in continuing to serve, and to help the MDRS transition to the Midsouth regional chapter. The MDRS has provided an important sense of community for our double reed members for many years, I and would like to see that continue. With the Eric Varner Young Artist Competition, we have given opportunities for young oboists to raise their skill levels by competing. I have really enjoyed being part of MDRS and I hope to continue that in the Midsouth regional chapter.

Oboe At-Large

Scott Snyder

I have always wanted to make a contribution besides the monetary one I have made for a longtime, but now that I am retired I have the time to do it. I want to encourage young people to learn and enjoy double reed instruments the way I have for a lifetime. Just because you don’t choose music as a vocation, there are still ample opportunities to enjoy and share your talents in music. My oboe and English horn have been my go-to relaxation, revitalization, and rejuvination all through my career as a physician.

Bassoon At-Large

Nanci Belmont

My interest in being considered for a board member position with the midsouth regional chapter of IDRS is fueled by my desire to have a more active role in the organization. As a bassoonist and member of IDRS, I know of the great national and international connections that membership provides. It is my hope that being involved organizationally at the regional level would provide a platform to better help me serve the area in which I live and work. As Assistant Professor of bassoon at Louisiana State University, connections and collaboration with students, educators, and performers in my state and region are already an important part of my career. By serving on the board for the midsouth, I would strive to represent the interests of double reed players in my area by organizing and promoting events, establishing and nurturing connections, and encouraging cooperation, collaboration and visibility in the region.

Marketing Coordinator

Lucas Reed

I’m interested in serving Midsouth chapter of IDRS because I love prospect of being able to help improve my local double reed community. I believe in the mission of regional chapters to expand our community locally and help more double reed players than ever before. While maybe not on this scale, I have much experience in organizing, scheduling, and brainstorming new programs for different organizations throughout my life, and I would love to assist in the creation of new opportunities for engagement, education, and community for double reed players in my community. I would love the opportunity to assist in the beginning of and growth of the Midsouth chapter, incorporating the established events from MDRS and expanding them to create new ones. Whether that is in a role of the chapter’s Executive Board, or in another assistive way, I would love to be part of the growth of IDRS!


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