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Regional Ballot Southeast

Thank you for taking part in the process to elect new leadership for the Southeast Chapter of IDRS. All nominated candidates appear on the ballot below.

Candidates for Regional Officers

Amy Collins


Over the last 20 years I have been a member of IDRS, in multiple capacities including as a business, performer, and in 2019 I was the host for the conference in Tampa. I was in the process of working on beginning a chapter and forming a board when IDRS announced this unique opportunity and the call for regional board members. I’d be honored and thrilled to be able to support the organization and would work hard to make it an incredible branch of the organization.

Sara Fruehe

Vice President

My interest to serve on the board of the Southeast regional chapter is rooted in my desire to foster, nurture, be more involved with and serve the double reed and IDRS communities. I have experience designing/redesigning, implementing, and building successful programs and organizations, such as the chamber music program at Indiana University, and ensembles Volante Winds and 10th Muse. I have over three years’ experience in music administration advising, creating, revising, and implementing institutional policies. I collaborate with diverse constituencies, exercising my passions for problem solving and organization to meet short- and long-term goals and projects. I believe IDRS’s creation of U.S. regional chapters will allow our organization to reach more diverse populations, as well as have greater visibility and a stronger impact on future generations of double reeds. I am excited for the opportunity and responsibility to be part of the inaugural regional board membership.

Allison Nicotera


My interest in serving on the Board of Directors for the Southeast Chapter of the newly formed IDRS Regional Chapters is both enthusiastic and genuine. I am Assistant Professor of Bassoon at the University of Kentucky where I teach Applied Bassoon, Bassoon Reed Making, Secondary Instrument Methods in Bassoon, and coach student chamber music ensembles. My performance background is extensive, and I am passionate about promoting double reed music from both within and outside of the existing canon. I serve as the elected Secretary on the Board of Directors of Exceptet, Inc., a new-music ensemble with which I perform, and am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to a similar role on another Board. Combining my extensive professional experience as a performer and educator and my strong set of organizational and time management skills, I am eager to contribute my strengths, versatility, and voice to a position on the IDRS Southeast Chapter Board of Directors.

Kassanda Ormsby-Hutcheson


I believe that my strong teaching, administrative, performance, entrepreneurial, and outreach background will make me a competitive candidate for this position. My desire to be a part of this initiative comes from my experiences in community engagement, particularly from various outreach events and double reed events and conferences. This joyous comradery is shared equally no matter one’s race, gender identity, physical ability, or cultural background. Participating in events and organizations is an exchange and collaboration between individuals with a common goal of the welfare of a community, whether it be on the national or local level. Music should be a two-way conversation where we encourage our communities to participate, and for us to provide as many resources that we can to make every music performance and program as accessible as possible. The end of the product for the musician is at the end of a performance, but it’s the beginning of something more for the audience.

Shannon Lowe


Greetings! I would welcome consideration as a Regional Chapter board member. Being a long time member of IDRS, I have felt that the International conference and events associated with our organization were not always accessible to members across the United States; and not only members, but potential members, particularly students and double reed amateurs/semi-pro players. Hearing about the success of the Horn Society’s regional factions, I believe our own society would greatly benefit from starting up regional chapters. I would love to be a part of this new initiative and help make double reed events, education, networking, opportunities, and belonging more accessible all in the Southeast region. This is a chance to grow our society at large and welcome in others. Nonetheless, I truly enjoy organizing events, creating educational opportunities, and bringing double reed players together and feel that my experiences from being in academia would be of benefit to our regional chapter.


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