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Regional Ballot Southwest

Thank you for taking part in the process to elect new leadership for the Southwest Chapter of IDRS. All nominated candidates appear on the ballot below.

Candidates for Regional Officers

Cayla Bellamy


Welcome to the Southwest! My name is Cayla Bellamy (she/her), and I currently serve as Assistant Professor of Bassoon at Colorado State University and bassoonist with the Colorado Bach Ensemble. My experiences as an educator in both K-12 and collegiate environments and as a performer in solo, chamber, and symphonic settings have led me to believe wholeheartedly in the power of community and well-intentioned organizations to better our field. I have previously worked closely with the former Midwest Double Reed Society and the International Double Reed Society in a staff capacity, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to have a more direct impact in providing opportunities to students, performers, teachers, and avocational players in my home double reed region. The Southwest is a region of great geographical and cultural diversity, and I hope to help create events, resources, and opportunities that are meaningful to the wide array of double reed enthusiasts in our part of the country.

Jessi Vandagriff

Vice President

I am overjoyed that IDRS is going to start regional chapters. I am/have been active in some other musical instrument communities, and I would love to see some of the activities and programs they offer brought to the double reed community.I have a lot of useful skills that I can offer as a board member. In addition to being a freelance bassoonist and teacher, I am also an instructional designer. I have experience creating educational content, websites, UX/UI (web & app) designs, etc. I have also received grants for and hosted chamber music events. I have a lot of love and energy that I am able and willing to devote to this cause. The bassoon has been an important part of my life, mental health, and friendships for over two decades (almost three!). I want to help bring that joy to the wider community.

Christian Tran


As an active educator and performer, I am deeply committed to nourishing the double reed community in the Southwest region. As a young oboist, I benefited greatly from my double reed mentors, friends, and community, so I know how impactful institutions like this can be. As a student, IDRS gave me a venue to share and perform my research on Vietnamese oboe music. Through this opportunity, I’ve been able to build many connections and bridge the gap between my identities as a person and as a performer. This is just one example of how this community has affected my career as a musician. If given the opportunity, I would be honored to bring my dedication, organization, and perspective to this regional chapter as a board member to help our double reed players make connections and find opportunities that lead to fulfilling musical experiences.

Ashlea Sheridan


I am excited at the prospect to serve on the board of our new Southwest Regional Chapter of the International Double Reed Society.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ashlea Sheridan, and I am a bassoonist based in Las Vegas and California’s Central Valley. I serve on the music faculties of California State Universities Fresno (Fresno, CA) and Stanislaus (Turlock, CA) and occasionally teach non-major music courses and bassoon reedmaking at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am an active bassoon and contrabassoon freelancer throughout California and Nevada.

At Fresno State, I am fortunate to have inherited a long-running Double Reed Day (27 years and counting) and have learned a lot from organizing such an event over the last two years. I have previously served on boards for other 501(c) organizations and am somewhat familiar with what that entails as a treasurer and obtaining/maintaining 501(c) status. I also really enjoy learning, so serving on the Southwest Regional Chapter board would give me another excuse to learn a lot, not only on my own, but from my wonderful colleagues who may have more experience than me. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to seeing what our regional chapters can do in the future!


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