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Richard Plaster Reed Collection 22 (6/30/75)
Reed Number:22
Description:This reed was designed with the tube width at the narrowest place like the LN and the curve toward the blades more like the GD, with the idea of combining the good features of the two types. This succeede, but at first the reed was too flat - it is larger near the top wire than the LM, larger at the wrapping that the GD. Matt solved the problem by rounding the middle wire. I had left the tube the way it came from the (Heckel) mandrel. I played the reed two months with very good results. It had a lot of tone, full, smooth, and dark, and was easy to control. It is well worth dupicating, and the blanks from Goltzer tip are made with this in mind, making the reed out at the end of the tip. cf. Van Hoesen
Reference:Richard Plaster
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