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Stolen Instrument Report:

Instrument Information

Instrument: Heckel
Serial Number: 11236
Comments: On November 23 at 7 pm my bassoon Heckel · series 11236 was stolen from me on the train from Amsterdam to The Hague, Holland, I reported it at the central station to the police and later I made the complaint to the police. I looked for him for many months at that time and I never knew about him. In 2013 a bassoon repairman from Amsterdam Maarten Fonk, received a call from a man who found my bassoon in the attic of his father's house who died, he took it to this repairman and according to he saw my bassoon but he says never again that man returned with my instrument. I don't really know who got my instrument. I have the original invoice for that instrument that I bought in Mexico City from its owner on March 13, 1990 and the former owner bought it at the Veerkamp music house in Mexico City in 1973. This instrument was commissioned by the master. Dutch bassoonist Louis Salomns, but passed away before receiving it.

Owner Information

Street Address: Circuito las arboledas · 94 , Villas de la Hacienda
City: Torreon
State: Coahuila
Country: Mexico
Phone: 5218711719121

Incident Information

Date Stolen: 20200823
Stolen From: In Holland, on the train from Amsterdam to the Hague
Recovered: No
Recovery Note: n/a
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