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A Re-centering
Our Time Wind Quintet
Edna Jeon, flute
Jordan Pyle, oboe
Tim Yung, clarinet
Taryn Lee, horn
Keegan Hockett, bassoon

This program explores themes of recovery and re-centering proceeding such a challenging and pensive year. The program begins by featuring Eric Delgado’s "Distanced Yet United," a piece commissioned by Our Time Wind Quintet and Zoom. It was previously premiered on Zoom in February 2021. Inspired by the stages of grief, Delgado explores the nature of collaboration and isolation through fragmented flurries, solo vignettes, and Zoom algorithms. Dumbarton Oaks by Alyssa Morris offers a meditative end to the program. Commissioned in 2019 by the U.S. Air Force Quintet, Morris writes that this work “emulates the healing peace of a walk." Our Time Quintet will use film visuals to enhance the virtual performance of this work.
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