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Sir Harlequin
Nanci Belmont, bassoon
This recital presents Nicola LeFanu's work Sir Harlequin for solo bassoon. Written in 2012, the work is a thematic collection of pieces about the Harlequin character with a total performance time of 14 minutes. Ms. LeFanu writes of the piece "Harlequin is the quick witted servant from Commedia dell’Arte and pantomime. In his red and black chequered costume he is agile and acrobatic, and outwits his adversaries. Like Pierrot, he moves swiftly from gaiety to melancholy; he courts Columbine and –unlike Pierrot – he is successful! My Harlequin fancies himself as a knight with his own coat-of-arms. Thus the movements of this suite have ‘heraldic’ subtitles."
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