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Songs from South of the Equator: Penberthy and Lampard”
Anne Gilby, oboe
Lee Abrahmsen, soprano
Saam Hartley, piano

Australian works for oboe , soprano and piano. Michael Lampard (1986- ) "Emily on Life" (2019), three Emily Dickinson poems and James Penberthy (1917-1999) "Six Pastorals" (1987 ed. Wickham 2016), six Gwen Harwood Poems. The program juxtaposes poems by the great American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and Gwen Harwood AO (1920-1995), an Australian poet and librettist who is regarded as one of Australia's finest poets. The Lampard will be a first performance, the Penberthy a rare performance of music by this prolific and significant composer.
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