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Women Are…
Blaire Koerner, bassoon; Rosanna Moore, harp
In 2020, United States celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony and 100th year since the passing of the 19th Amendment supporting the (white) women’s right to vote. With that in mind, we at Hats + Heels developed an all-female commissioning project. Together, we collaborated with 3 female composers to create new interdisciplinary bassoon and harp repertoire that incorporates women-related figures, characters, topics, or ideology. While it was important for us to reflect back on remarkable suffragettes who have made a huge contribution, we also wanted to acknowledge what it means to be a woman in today’s era - thinking about the challenges and growth across time. Although we provided some guidelines the composer had autonomy to draw upon their own inspiration for these works, which further informed our own education. These pieces are then paired with commissioned artwork, inspired stories, and suffragette symbolism for the performance.
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