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Feb 05

2021 Conference Update

Dear IDRS Members,

We hope you are well in this new year as we all continue to prioritize our community, our health, and our continued development as double reed advocates, artists, scholars, teachers, and industry professionals. It is therefore with great respect for these missions that we announce the postponement of this summer’s International Double Reed Society conference hosted at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

IDRS leadership and conference hosts, in consultation with the leadership at the University of Colorado-Boulder, have made this difficult decision based on safety regulations in place to combat the spread of the numerous variants of the novel coronavirus. The conference will be rescheduled for July 26-30, 2022 at the University of Colorado-Boulder while the conference at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand will now take place in 2023.

All applicants for this year’s conference as well as previously confirmed performers for the 2020 conference in Iowa City will receive further communication today regarding the opportunity to present at our Second Annual Virtual Symposium later this year. The Executive Board, Competition Chairs, and IDRS subcommittees are currently in discussions to determine the best manner of proceeding with the Norma Hooks Young Artist and Gillet-Fox 2021 Competitions as well as the numerous premieres of double reed works created by the 50 for 50 Commissioning Project. More information will be forthcoming as those decisions are made.

Despite this loss of a physical gathering place for this year and the changes in our original plans, we are dedicated to honoring both the past 50 years of IDRS growth and, most importantly, you, the heart of our society. This month marks the beginning of a series of events for our 50th Anniversary Celebration, including enhanced benefits for the Society’s membership. More details will be coming in next week’s eNewsletter.

We have been amazed and honored by your resilience through the difficult times presented to all of us during this global pandemic, and we thank you for your involvement as we continue to support each other as a society. The time will come when we are physically together again, but we are dedicated to being together in mission, purpose, and growth as we celebrate our past and plan for the future.

Please continue to care for yourselves and your loved ones, and join us online for our 50th Anniversary Celebration as we move forward together.

Martin Schuring, IDRS Conference Coordinator
Eric Stomberg, IDRS President