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Oct 23

New Resource: Fingerings

This month we are excited to share our new fingerings page – one of the biggest updates to our website since we launched on the new platform in 2018! View 525 new double reed fingerings, complete with an interactive music staff, new sorting features, and an expanded database for Oboe, English Horn, German and French Bassoon, and Contrabassoon.

As a growing resource, we invite our community to help us to include period instruments and as many international systems as possible. If you are interested in becoming an editor for the English, German, and/or Viennese oboe, or period instruments, please email us at

We would like to extend a special welcome to our five editors for their expertise, dedication and the numerous hours spent helping us build this valuable resource: Aaron Hill (oboe/english horn), Darrel Hale (bassoon), Amy Pollard (bassoon), Leigh Muñoz (contrabassoon), and Daryn Zubke (French bassoon).