Re: Good bassoon cane?

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Gene Carter

Trent et. al.,

I certainly agree with your assessment of the tonal characteristics of Danzi and Rieger cane. To my ear Danzi cane is brighter, clearer, and easier to get volume out of. However, I have always had a problem taming it to my tastes. Rieger seems to me to provide a darker softer sound and I find it easier to convert into a reed that I like. However, I do think its more difficult to get the volume that many players want.

I’ve recently abandoned the approach of establishing an inner opening of 3mm. at the first wire of the reed and instead have left the reed at the second wire round as Norman Herzberg specifies. (See Yoshi’s post from the IDRS Archives in this section of the Forum.) I am now adjusting the tip opening with the first wire for the most part, although still using adjustments at the second wire to change tonal character of the reed. This seems to open the sound up and, as Mr. Herzburg states, enables one to make very small tip adjustments with the first wire that make big differences in the response of the reed.

Mr. Herzberg has promised a discussion of the use of the second wire in his series of postings and I am looking forward to that and other insight from him. His knowledge and experience stand alone, in my view.