Re: Need ensemble suggestions

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Trevor Cramer

Marsha – The Cowell is an excellent suggestion. Here are a few more that MAY fir the bill:
Castelnuovo-Tedesco – Eclogue (NEW EDITION) FL/EH/GUITAR from TRI # 0606
Kingsland – Landscapes for FL/OB/GUITAR
Field – Nocturne for FL/OB/BSN/GUITAR from ZIM (maybe cello can play bassoon part?)
Sussmayer – Serenata for OB/EH/GUITAR/VLN/CEL for ACC (maybe keyboard can “wing” the violin part?!)
There is also Alec Wilder’s piece for WW5/Voice called Songs from Twelfth Night! although instrumentation may be a problem. Sounds like fun event. To go even further out on the precarious limb, there is Ridout’s PIGS and pieces by Michael HEAD…. PIG = BOAR so you now have BOAR’S HEAD!! Are you all groaning yet??!! Trevor