Fasch Sonata Editions

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    I am currently preparing the Fasch sonata in C for a recital. I have been comparing 3 editions: Masters, Universal, and the out of print Klitz edition. I’ve noticed a lot of variety between editions, and I am wondering which one is correct or preferred. Is there a “standard,” accepted edition of this sonata?

    I normally would expect the Universal edition to be the standard, but I noticed on the Gillet rep last year the Masters edition was required. My teacher prefers the Universal edition. I prefer the Masters edition. (Ignoring articulation- this is based on the differences in notated pitch and rhythm)

    Any advice? Is there an urtext edition available that I haven’t found?

    Dwight Manning

    Kanelson3 (sorry, I don’t seem to find your name on the Forum profile). A quick search on Worldcat indicates this sonata was originally written for solo bass instrument and figured bass. It seems to have been edited and published for several instruments including viola, cello, bassoon, saxophone, trombone, and euphonium.

    Brian Klitz edited both bassoon and trombone sonatas for McGinnis & Marx in the 1960’s. Notes indicate it was “Edited from a ms. in the Erzbischöfliche Akademische Bibliothek in Paderborn. Authenticity doubtful. Cf. Musik im Geschichte und Gegenwart, vol. 3, col. 1852.”

    In 1961, Johannes Wojciechowski edited the sonata for H. Litolff’s Verlag/C.F. Peters. It seems this was reprinted by Ludwig Masters. Notes indicate it too was edited from a ms. in the Erzbischöfliche Akademische Bibliothek in Paderborn.

    Milan Turkovi? edited the work in 1989 for Universal. Notes indicate “Figured bass realized for keyboard instrument; includes part for bass instrument. Edited from a contemporary copy in the Fuerstenberg-Herdringen Library, Arnsberg, Germany.”

    None of Fasch’s works were published during his lifetime. Consequently, we depend on extant manuscripts for our contemporary editions of his works. I edited the first edition of the Oboe Concerto in G, K.8 (Southern Mus.), the manuscript of which was also from the Fuerstenberg-Herdringen collection.

    Considering these facts, I doubt there is an “urtext” for bassoon and piano. If the authenticity of the manuscript in Paderborn is doubtful, perhaps Turkovi?’s edition is more faithful to the composer’s intent. For further research, you may wish to consult the Küntzel catalog of Fasch’s instrumental concerti and MGG, order the extant manuscript, and/or correspond directly with Peter Kolkay, coordinator of the 2012 Gillet competition, regarding his preferred edition.

    -keep us posted as you research these various editions,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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