Review of Crispin’s High Yield Cane by Jonathan Marzluf

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    Crispins High Yield Cane

    The following review of Crispin’s High Yield Cane was written by Jonathan Marzluf of Marzluf Reeds several years ago. I checked with him on 8/27/16, to make sure he was still as pleased with the cane as he was then. He said he is. Jonathan has received many shipments of cane from me over the years.

    “Once you’ve settled on—and mastered — the many variables that make your reeds YOURS (gouge, shape, scrape, staple, etc.), successful reed making ultimately comes down to one thing: cane. Any oboist with enough years under their belt will tell you that “good cane is hard to find” is a gross understatement. Good cane, my friend, is nearly impossible to find.

    I am overjoyed to report that David Crispin’s “High Yield” cane is, in my opinion, simply as good as it gets. David’s knowledge and attention to detail is behind what I can truly call a unique experience in the world of retail oboe tube cane. David has sorted the tube diameter to within 0.25 mm, using a curved radius gauge (not a simple “rake” style sorter), resulting in unparalleled accuracy and consistency. He provides a shorter-than-average tube length, which means more tubes per pound, and less waste.

    With David’s cane, you not only end up with more reeds for your money — the quality is absolutely unprecedented! Beautifully colored, round, STRAIGHT tubes. Flexible but not soft, dense but not dull, clean-gouging/scraping dream-come-true cane, producing vibrant, warm, gorgeous reeds! I have used cane from nearly every source on the planet, and have never had results as good as this. I feel like an artist again!

    Thank you David!

    Jonathan Marzluf
    Owner, Marzluf Reeds”

    David Crispin
    Crispin’s High Yield Cane
    Phone: (601) 319-08 four one

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