Job Openings

IDRS Position: Social Media Video Assistant

Position Description:

We are looking for a creative, self-motivated individual to help IDRS create and edit engaging social media video content for our newsletter and social media profiles. The Social Media Video Assistant will work with the IDRS Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator to create content based on a video content calendar. Join us to help IDRS grow and connect with our online international community!

Essential Job Tasks

  • Assembling raw footage with camera shots shared with you from a cloud server
  • Digitally cutting files, assembling the sequence, and deciding what’s usable
  • Sound effects/audio placement (if needed)
  • Graphics creation & placement (if needed)
  • Reordering and fine-tuning the content to ensure proper export for various digital mediums

Types of Video Content

  • Editing video from the IDRS Video Collection into shorter clips for social media and email
  • Editing video footage from the conference for short highlights
  • Creating short videos for social media that highlight our community and membership

Minimum Qualifications

  • Intermediate to advanced experience in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Some experience in Adobe CC Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign (optional, but preferred)
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Some knowledge of social media marketing and current video trends
  • Basic experience with WordPress (optional, but preferred)
  • Other video editing software experience in trending apps (optional)

Please submit your resume, portfolio, and letter of interest to Eric Stomberg at stomberg@idrs.org by March 13, 2020. This is a paid part-time position. Pay will DOE.

IDRS Position: Sponsor-a-Member Coordinator

Since 1995, members of IDRS have donated memberships to double reed players from around the world through its Sponsor-a-Member program. We are seeking a coordinator who is keen to help IDRS connect new members with sponsors.

Essential Job Tasks

  • Work with the Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator to assist with the renovation of the online application form
  • Work with the Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator on the renovated SAM page on idrs.org and any other relevant promotion initiatives for the project
  • Work with the Membership Coordinator in order to pair new Sponsors with recipients
  • Follow up work with the Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator about new matches
  • Stay in direct contact with the First Vice President about the whole project and its development, who acts as the SAM project advisor and as the direct contact with the IDRS Executive Committee

Minimum Qualifications

  • Ability to use and share Google Docs
  • Understanding of the SAM project is necessary
  • Knowledge of foreign languages would be useful
  • Ability to pair up Sponsors with applicants who wish to become a sponsored member
  • Experience in similar projects would be helpful
  • Ability to stick to deadlines and committed to achieving goals in the project

Candidates should submit a current resume and letter of interest. In addition, please submit a personal statement on how diversity, equity and inclusion should be applied to the Sponsor-a-Member project (with the following prompts to guide you: What does a commitment to diversity mean to you? How would you see yourself demonstrating it here in this position at IDRS?)

Please send materials to Eric Stomberg at stomberg@idrs.org by April 24, 2020. This is a voluntary position.

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